A Peek into the Book

Aunt Marylue, an original master of Creole/ Cajun cooking hails from Boothville, located in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, the area where Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest natural disaster in American History, tore into the Gulf Coast.
Plaquemines Parish extends down the mouth of the Mississippi River at the Gulf of Mexico.  It lies 70 miles south of New Orleans.  Home to the world’s most diverse fisheries, it is known for fish such as red snapper, speckled trout, flounder, sheep’s head, and striped bass.  The parish has been touted as “the” place to sample some of the finest fishing action anywhere on earth.  While fishing you may see mosquito hawks flitting in the air with their majestic wings. 
Three of Aunt Marylue’s brothers were fishermen; this is why Aunt Marylue used the freshest, just-out-of-the- water crabs, shrimp, fish, oysters, and crawfish imaginable.  The seafood’s she used in the recipes were always fresh caught, and the produce grown locally.  Aunt Marylue was a “localvore” before it was fashionable.
Born during the depression, she grew up in a family of 12 children.  Her husband, lovingly referred to as “Uncle” Jasper, called the area “God’s country”. (They were called “Aunt” Marylue and “Uncle” Jasper by most people because Aunt Marylue’s family of nieces and nephews was so large - more than 100 - that everyone began calling them “Aunt” Marylue and “Uncle Jasper, even the adults.)

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