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W. Je’an grew up in the restaurant business in Boothville, she then moved  to Harvey and Gretna, Louisiana.  Her parents started in the business before she was born.  Je’an was always curious, and asked many questions of her parents about business.

Her mother worked tirelessly in the background, never complaining, but always encouraging.   W. Je’an  wanted to give her mother what she felt is her “just due” place in the world, and W. Je’an give honor to both her Mother & father by writing this book.

We know you will enjoy Aunt Marylue’s favorite Creole/Cajun recipes and all the information shared in Aunt Marylue’s Creole/Cajun Cooking and *More.

My favorite part of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana is wherever I happen to be at the time, Creole/Cajun take great pride in their food and their culture.  The pride we show in the local ingredients used to prepare these delicacies is unsurpassed. In the words of famous New Orleans jazz great Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong,

Red beans and ricely yours,


W. Je'an, Culinary Artist

grew up in the restaurant business........



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