AUNT MARYLUE's CREOLE/CAJUN COOKING AND * MORE" is the first of a series to be published. 


The Marylue and Jasper Morgan Foundation will provide assistance to hurricanes Katrina, Rita, the BP oil spill victims, and also provide help to disaster victims worldwide, while committing to help rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

W. Je’an said:  I was inspired to write the initial book because my mother was a pioneer and innovator in many areas of business.   She worked tirelessly behind the scenes while my father Jasper was the front runner.  My parents loved New Orleans and they were people of true conviction who forged on "no matter what"!

I wanted to honor my mother and give her back some of the gifts she bestowed on me and so many others, by writing her story.

Initially, the book was going to be a biography of her life, but after thinking about it, “I thought” (what better way to give her the utmost respect than to write a book and share many of her delicious foods that she poured so much love into).  In addition, she used what she referred to as her home remedies for illness, health and beauty.  She believed food, good health and beauty are truly spiritual parts of the soul.

Today her herbal remedies could be referred to as alternative medicines or holistic.  Her remedies may be considered organic because the herbs she used were grown without fertilizers and pesticides.

So I want to give back just a little to my parents and to recognize their life and their hard work and dedication.

As a dedicated club member, officer and mentor of a Toastmaster Club the author, chef, and motivational speaker encourage the support of TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL (The organization has more than 230,000 members with over 10,000 clubs in the United  States and Canada and is located in more than 90 other countries) in their support of  Aunt Marylue's Creole/Cajun Cooking and * More. By purchasing the book the organization will support re-building the nationally loved " NEW ORLEANS and the Gulf Coast from Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and the BP oil  devistation

Includes over 400 recipes:
- Creole/Cajun
 -American Indian
- Italian
- Southern and American
It also includes other helpful information such as health, beauty, and nutritional tips; New Orleans’ history;  party time; How long to keep food;  Food and wine pairing and much more.


 What others are saying "The book will walk you through many “mouthwatering “ recipes and special foods that display the love poured into them by Aunt Marylue."  It is a “work of art” that will be handed down for years and generations to come and the book “speaks to the heart” of food lovers.  W. Je’an said: “Even though I have traveled to many places in the world, my heart remains in New Orleans with the southern Creole/Cajun cooking legacy”.

Whether you are a lover of great Creole/ Cajun or southern food, want to try new American Indian, or International Cuisine, NEW ORLEANS AND THE GULF COAST can HOLD A SPECIAL SPOT IN YOUR HEART. If you love being healthy, beautiful, a history buff, newly weds, newly single, just wanting to keep the budget in line by cooking fantastic meals at home, just learning to cook, or frankly just a food connoisseur , I know you too will enjoy AUNT MARYLUE'S CREOLE / CAJUN COOKING AND *More.

Aunt Marylue’s Creole/Cajun Cooking and *More is theAuthority of Creole/Cajun cooking…A legacy Aunt Marylue will leave with us.
“A Must Have Book”

For everyone! Newly Weds, Seasoned Cooks, Historians, or New Orleans Food enthusiast, everyone must have Aunt Marylue’s Creole/Cajun Cooking and *More.

Aunt Marylue's Creole /Cajuncooking and * Moremake a great wedding and anniversary gift.

This is a book you will not be able to put down!!!!  It contains
information that enhances the food and tintillates your taste buds.  It also contains so much other helpful information.


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