The Creole –Cajun Queen ,chef W. Je’an realized that weather you were born in the East, West, North or South, in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or Antarctica we all have one common denominator….. FOOD.  It is the Spice-Of –Life.
  In New Orleans, festive times with lots of love, laughter and sweet  childhood memories always began and ended with FOOD.
The cooking displayed in the book is on a level all its own. Whether you are new to cooking, a cooking enthusiast, love to browse a good coffee table book, prepare delicious meals at home, a history buff, follow a health or beauty regimen, a book collector, or frankly just a food connoisseur: no coffee table, library, or kitchen will be complete without” Aunt Marylue’s Creole Cajun Cooking & More”.
It will even make a wonderful  wedding, anniversary, holiday and birthday gift. 
Available For Interviews &  Speaking  Engagements-------------------------------Call W. Je'an- 1-877-7-marylu or E-Mail auntmarylue@yahoo,com
Chef W. Je’an Talks about food, health& beauty and a whole lot more…..
Author of “Auntmarylue’s Creole/ Cajun Cooking & More’”  tells your audience:
  • How eating spicy foods can increase your sex life
  • The Difference in Creole & Cajun Cooking
  • How to make the best tasting gumbo in 30 minutes or less
  • How to save up to 70% by cooking at home
  • Who REALLY get the most plastic surgery in America
  • Foods to eat to beat stress
  • What to do about morning eyes
  • Foods that get rid of wrinkles
  • The international food that is loved everywere
  • How long to keep those staples
  • Origin of the Po-Boy sandwich
  • The herb tea that is better than green tea
  • Why eat seafood

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