This review is from: Aunt Marylue's Creole/ Cajun Cooking & *More

This is wonderful tapestry of good food, good, stories told by a family and their experience by tantalizing ones taste buds with foods like Gumbo, shrimp etoufee', red velvet cake, wine pairing, health and beauty sections.

The history of New Orleans is a real treat that comes to life for outsiders and locals alike. The author, W Jea'n is a New Orleans native and takes a journey in tribute to her mother, Aunt Marylue, showing family heirlooms of rich inheritance and pride tying each tapestry and story together by rich, fresh local foods like crabs, shrimp, oysters, Mmmmmmm.

At the heart of all stories are the relationships with its people.

What a lovely gift to experience and learn some fantastic recipes, as well as history of such ideas as fleur de lis and its roots in America.

Great gift for weddings, foodies, chefs, fund raisers for sororities and fraternities for example.

Loads of pictures- foods, land deeds, marriage certificates....truly an American story.

The books recipes remind me of my childhood and the smells coming from my kitchen wrap around my nose and fill my soul.

400 plus recipes, maybe a group of us can make a recipe a day and then blog about it?



 This review is from: Aunt Marylue's Creole/ Cajun Cooking & *More

THIS COFFEE TABLE COOKBOOK IS A MUST- HAVE !!!It HAS TO BE THE NEXT "BEST SELLING BIBLE OF A COFFEE TABLE COOKBOOK". It is packed with so many entertaining stories and antedotes. A a historian and avid cook I found Aunt Marylue's Creole Cajun Cooking And More to be the most refreshing book with the best collection of authentic CAJUN &CREOLE meals including the mufuletta and the all time favorite PO BOY Sandwiches.. The roux recipe was so easy and so New Orleans. I can see why Aunt Marylue cooked in the cast iron pans.They hold the heat and expound on the wonderful taste of the foods. For us who love reading and history, the History of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast along with the original beautiful pictures &international recipes cannot be topped.. It is so informative and entertaining, packed with beautiful pictures of the foods and locals.. So refreshing. It combines the best of many worlds. Even though Aunt Marylue's Creole Cajun Cooking And More is truly a NEW ORLEANS original it combines the International Recipes that we can all love. I love the added touch of the American Indian foods. With all the strife going on in the world we always come together in our love for GOOD FOOD. Aunt Marylue's Creole Cajun Cooking And More makes it all possible.
The fact that part of the money from the book sales will be donated to help rebuilt New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and to help the children JUST TOP IT OFF. WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT!!!Everyone should buy this book.

A New Orleans Lover, historian and avid cook.


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